Make a lasting tribute you can share with family and friends.


Tributes come in many forms and sizes. We design one to fit your needs and vision.

All you need to do is supply the topic, and all the photos and video that support the topic.

We can also provide photography and video support when needed. Just ask.

Give us a call at 650 322 7841. A brief discussion will make everything clearer.

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A few Tribute Ideas

  1. An Aging Loved One

  2. Death of a Friend

  3. Graduation

  4. Bar Mitzvah

  5. A Corporate Retirement

  6. A Great Trip

  7. A Business Milestone

  8. A Family Reunion

  9. A Wedding or Anniversary

  10. A New Baby

  11. Any Idea You Have!

If You know what you want, We’ll make it happen. Or we can invent it for you.

  1. Add your music, the songs you or your loved one loved, or we’ll pick music from our library!

  2. We can discuss all the

  3. options  when we know

  4. more about your project.

Contact Us at:

  1. 650 322-7841 

  2. Or email us at